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Shannon Braun

Always keen to get everyone around the fun, Shannon is dedicated to helping LUST members have an amazing time and make new friends. Whether it's carving up the slopes, partying or just chilling out in the lodge or a local bar, Shannon is always approachable and up for a good time. Should any member ever have any concerns then they should not hesitate to say hi and Shannon will help them out.

Sean Robert

When Sean snowboards he thinks about one thing, going fast. The rest of the time, well, we're not really sure what he thinks about? He can often be found doing early morning yoga in the lodge lounge, staring blankly at something, or enjoying a VB. He is always down for a good time and occasionally can be seen sporting a moustach that reflects his party life style.  


James Rourke-Dunkley

Long time LUSTie and former President, "Rourkey"  seeks out the best lines on the mountain and can be found hitting the best runs early in the morning. At the end of the day he is bound to be enjoying a few beers and telling stories that are larger than life to anyone who is willing to listen.