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Life Members

There are some special crew within the LUST family that have been awarded what is known as Life Membership - a prestigious honour that reflects their exemplary service to the club over a number of years. Here are some of the life members you'll see kicking around this year - just to name a few! 

  • Sean Finney

  • James Rourke-Dunkley

  • Tristan Kelly

  • Dan Grattidge

  • Dave Lescai

  • Jessica Clayton

  • Jonathan Karantgis

  • Emma Price 

  • Nicholas Marshal

Become A Member


Becoming a member of LUST will not only introduce you to amazing people who share the same passion as you do, but there are also fantastic benefits! For the low price of $30 per year, you'll have access to:

• Some of the best resorts in Australia at affordable prices

• Special offers on lift tickets at major resorts

• Exclusive product nights and discounts at Melbourne's leading snow retailer, Melbourne Snowboard Centre

Plus the chance to attend some truly amazing trips with even better people!


To become a member, you can fill out the form below, with online signups only direct deposit transfers are available

or alternatively, come and say hello at one of our start of year barbecues where we accept payments in the form of cash, EFTPOS and direct deposit transfers.


Life Membership

Life Membership is is awarded to members who have contibuted to the club through outstanding service or achieved high performance in their field of skiing or snowboarding